Monday, February 15, 2010

Building steam

Although my posts are slower than before, the project is still moving.

I got in some more nice parts the other day in the form of a set of frame vertexes from Josh on the RepRap forums. They're milled from plastic stock, so they're pretty solid and feel quite nice. They were easier to make that way due to their simplicity, and they came out pretty good.

Looking for hardware now. I'm pricing out parts and updating my spreadsheet with the prices and quantities that I'll need. The RepRap build instructions are woefully inadequate, they're very partially completed. Some of them trail off and others are very basic.
An example of this is while I'm trying to make sure I get the right leadscrew, I look to see how the leadscrew attaches to the X bed to see what type of nut they use. Well, there's not much there in the instructions.. and it seems a lot of the illustrations are incorrect and need to be fixed..

So I'll go ahead and assume for the time being it's just a normal nut and get some of those like it calls out. I'm also getting the belts and other hardware together so that i'll have at least the base set of goods, while I'm trying to find other places to get the RP parts from.

For now, I'm waiting on a little more play money to have so I can do this. My phone's starting to frustrate me to the point of wanting to chuck it out a window because it's so slow; I'll most likely be getting a Nexus One come Thursday.
The project moves on!

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