Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Project

Well this Blog was started as a bit of an attempt to publicize my life a little more as a lot of people do, but I've decided to make use of it here.

My project is to build a RepRap machine, and thoroughly document every step of the process, from finding parts to purchasing them, assembly, tweaking, software, every last bit that I can.

I have a D700 SLR camera and a good background in electronics and have played with Arduino and BASIC Stamp microcontrollers. I've assisted a friend in building a CNC table which (while not completed yet) has given me some insights into how some of these things work.

I'm hoping to get some knowledge out of this, mainly about stepper motors and how they're driven and such.

I've had problems finishing projects before as I tend to get bored with them, but this is something that I'm committing to. I *will* have a working RepRap version II when I'm done, and I will not stop until it's working.

The RepRap Wiki is disorganized and out of date, and information for the two different versions of the machine is intermixed and difficult to tell apart. Further, parts sources are hard to come by on it and the forum isn't the most intuitive. I hope to resolve some of this as I've got some Wiki experience as well, and I hope to help bring the Wiki into a better semblance of order and provide much-needed information to newcomers who are wanting to get into this.

So, without further ado, all further posts will be documenting my foray into the world of home-built rapid prototyping!

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