Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's on the way..

Well, I found I had some more money available for the RepRap, so this weekend I decided to get more of the parts necessary to make the machine. I've now got the following on the way:

1 NEMA 17 Bipolar Stepper for the extruder
3 NEMA 17 Bipolar Steppers for the axes
Electronics Kit (all the electronics/boards assembled)
2 Thermocouple sensor PCBs
      - Also bought the more accurate AD595C variant of the AD595 (a little pricier)
      - With thermocouples and terminals from SparkFun
10ft of Nichrome Wire
1lb of colored ABS filament

Also got a nice 1/4W carbon film resistor kit from SparkFun as I've been wanting one for awhile. Always nice to have resistors handy (even if they aren't precision)

So all that stuff should be coming in this week here, and I'm also looking for a way to get at some of the RP parts. Might be helping some people from FamiLAB with getting their MakerBot tuned up. Getting some time with the software would also be helpful so I can figure out how it all works.

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