Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I didn't mention in my last post, but I ordered a 12VDC 8.5A power supply from MPJA.
Power Supply
I overrated it because I like to do that, and since I might be moving up to a larger stepper or controlling something else with it later on.
Got the PSU in today, since MPJA is in Florida.

I also took a gander at the reprap boards and found that RustySpoon is selling his geared extruder utilizing an NEMA 17 motor and a pair of reprapped gears with a hobbed shoulder bolt and spring-loaded idler bearing. Looking over the wiki article, it shows some pretty amazing results with the amount of pressure it's able to exert on the filament, showing over 15kg of pull before the stepper started running in reverse.. Looking at the stepper that's being used, it's approx. 69oz/in, so the slightly larger 75oz/in might have even a bit more pull..
So, I ordered one of those as well, and I'll probably use that as the extruder instead of building the one that comes with the kit.

All these parts that I'm adding in are starting to decrease the amount of RP parts I'm going to need to finally get this thing put together. Hopefully things will move quicker now that most of the bits and pieces are on the way or already here.

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