Thursday, March 18, 2010

Parts are coming...

Well, after I got the heater thing posted, I had more parts awaiting me when I arrived home from work.

I got things from MakerBot and DigiKey, so I took pictures of everything.


First off, here's the filament I got. Finally, I get to handle some of it! I played with it and my extruder, and I feel like I understand the whole thing a bit better.. I got the rainbow pack..


Next, I have a pair of PCBs for the thermocouples that are still on the way. These are thermocouple amplifiers, so they amplifiy the microvolts that the thermocouple creates into volts that can be read by the arduino to control the temperature in the nozzle and maybe the bed.. (that's why I have a second one)

Thermocouple amps

And finally, the ICs that go into the boards, these are thermocouple amplifiers, Analog Devices AD595Cs. These are the higher sensitivity +/- 1C parts.. 


So, waiting for the rest of the stuff to come in.. probably tomorrow or early next week. I'll keep everyone updated!

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